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Back with more updates

Well, it’s been a bit since I posted any news but life gets a tad busy now and again.

Anyways, I have been slaving over some hot desert terrain again and some WIP pics are to be found below. All the other terrain building teams are progressing as well and I hope to get a few pics of their efforts to post here soon.

It’s all to help make our club evenings and more especially our Ribble Rumble Tournament a bigger better gaming experience. If wee get all we have planned done then it will look pretty amazing for the tourney, even if I say so myself.

The club has also picked up some more honours in the wargaming world by coming second in a local inter-club team tourney and Rob Sims being part of the team that won the Polish team championships.

We that’s it for tonight, be back sooner next time with more news.


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Tundra themed terrain this time

Another batch of top work pieces from the hands of Mr Miller here.

This is some of the Tundra themed scenery that Iain is again expanding to four tables worth. Again some top work, hope you enjoy it, will all go to make playing at the Rumble that much nicer, and at the club too.

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More Terrain Pieces

Well folks, just to add some more pics to the site for your delectation.

Here we have a few of the Jungle pieces completed by our esteemed Mr Iain Miller. These have been with us for a few months now but Iain is expanding them to give us four tables worth of Jungle terrain. Pretty impresive if I do say so myself.

Enjoy and please feel free to comment.

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New 40K Scenery, Desert Batch Two

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Well here we go, first photos of some of our new and improved scenery. These show the desert themed pieces that I have made, about two tables worth so far, two more tables to do including some more larger bits … Continue reading

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Preparations for The RIBBLE RUMBLE

The Warriors will be running our annual tournament “The Ribble Rumble” in early August after a successful revival event last year. We are going to make this years event bigger and better than ever and hope to attract many more participants from around the country.

As part of our improvements we are aiming to make a large quantity of new terrain for the Warhammer 40K tables and the Flames of War tables as well. To this end a small band of us have embarked on a mission to build enough terrain for at least 32 40K tables and 10 FOW.

40K terrain builders are myself, Iain Miller, Paul Burke and Rob Sims and FOW is being done by Pete Entwistle, Sam Street and Ian Crosby. We may well press gang a few more bodies into helping when we are desperate LOL.

This blog will be mainly about our progress in these endeavours and my other hobby work in getting a number of my armies finished and painted for the various tournaments I hope to attend during 2012.

To start with we are building a number of sets of terrain for 40K and at present are working on the following;

Iain is expanding some terrain sets he has been working on for a while and aims to have 4 tables worth of Jungle style and 4 tables of Chaos Wastelands finished soon.

I am well on the road to 4 tables worth of Desert style terrain and Paul and Rob are working on 4 tables worth of City-scape pieces. I will bring some pictures to the blog in due course to see what you think of our efforts.

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