The Warriors New Home

Well, some exciting news for the Warriors. We have grown a lot recently and decided to find a new venue with more room for more games and where we could possible hold some weekend or one day tournaments. We have succeeded and from Wednesday 12th February 2014 we will be meeting at “Frenchwood Social Club” in the function room.

We will have about three times the space, maybe more to play with, and there will be a bar in the room that links through to the main club lounge, so hard, medium and soft drinks will be available. Meeting times will be Wed from 7.00PM through to closing at about 11.30PM if we want to play late or sit and chat etc.

So if you are not already a Warrior and enjoy Wargaming in a friendly social atmophere with like minded people, please make your way down and pay us a visit, have a chat or game. You might like us enough to become a regular visitor and member.

Game systems we want to play and promote will include; WH40K, Flames of War, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl, Hordes & Warmachine, X-Wing and WH Fantasy Battles. We are of course open to other ideas if the interest is there so come and chat about it, whatever it may be.

Hope to see all our regulars and some new faces soon.



About ribbwar

A Ribble Warrior for 16 years with a juvenile love of war games and beer and whiskey.
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2 Responses to The Warriors New Home

  1. Doggett says:


    I’ve recently gotten into 40k and was looking for a place to go so this seems like a good idea. Bit of a noob but I might try to seek a game.

    • ribbwar says:

      You would be made welcome if you fancy dropping in any Wednesday evening.
      Plenty of 40K going on as well as several other game systems being played.
      We kick off around 7 pm and can stay till around 11 pm or sometimes even later.

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