IT’S Still NOT Dead Folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, here we are at the start of a new year with a new resolution to make regular posts this year (2014). It may be January but thoughts are already turning to this years RIBBLE RUMBLE.

This year the event will be on the 2+3 August and will again be at the Atrium, UCLAN; we will have several systems available again, including Warhammer 40K, Bolt Action, Blood Bowl and others such as WHFB, FOW and H&WM if there is enough support out there.

Scenery production to increase the number of 40K tables we can dress is also starting to take shape, so even more awesomeness will be up for use this year.

Late last year we held the first “Warrior Abroad” tourney at the NW Gaming Centre; it was a Highlander Event and went very well for a first go. So much so that Rob is organising the next episode already. This will be held at Sanctuary Gaming Mansfield with more details “here”,

Now back to more NURGLE MAKING, trying to finish a couple of new units for the Caledonian in about ten days time, will try to pop up some pics when I get them finished.

AND A Happy New Year to all Wargamers.

Back soon !


About ribbwar

A Ribble Warrior for 16 years with a juvenile love of war games and beer and whiskey.
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