New 40K Scenery, Desert Batch Two

Well here we go, first photos of some of our new and improved scenery. These show the desert themed pieces that I have made, about two tables worth so far, two more tables to do including some more larger bits for “centre pieces”. I will take some pics of the other stuff that Iain has completed for the Tundra and Jungle style tables and post them up for comments. Paul and Rob are busy glueing and basing a heap of City style terrain as well, so I’ll try to get a few WIP’s of their work as well.

Table styles to come include “Ice World”, “Martian”, “Alien” and more. We are looking for ideas so feel free to suggest a style you think would be good and we may well include it in future.


About ribbwar

A Ribble Warrior for 16 years with a juvenile love of war games and beer and whiskey.
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